International Day of Happiness

To celebrate the UN International day of Happiness on 20th March we have put together some free resources to share with your pupils at home in order to promote happiness and mental health.

12 Hacks to Happiness

This short but essential book will quickly and clearly advise children on 12 steps to happiness.

From learning new things to getting outside more, to talking to others, giving and learning to appreciate the simple things in life, children can find out that happiness is easier to find than they might have realised.

Create a gratitude wall

Use this activity from Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning to create a gratitude wall for your class. 

This activity aims to increase children’s satisfaction with life and improve their self-esteem through regular reflection on positive aspects of their experiences.

How to be Happy Scrapbook

As part of a school project, Jo is recording ways to be happy and overcome stress and worry. Children can follow her experiences, as she completes her how to be happy scrapbook.

My How to Happy Scrapbook is part of the Galaxy range of books from Rising Stars Reading Planet. Each book features useful notes and activities to support reading at home as well as comprehension questions to check understanding. 

Be Your Best You

No one can be the best at everything – but you can be your best YOU! If you have the right attitude to everything you do, you will increase your happiness and well-being.

By reading this book you will learn how to:
• celebrate the things you’re good at
• learn from your mistakes
• follow in the footsteps of successful people like J.K. Rowling and Lionel Messi, who had difficulties but never gave up
• use ‘growth mindset’ to achieve your goals and stay positive!

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