Reading to express yourself

We’re celebrating Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week to shine a spotlight on the importance of children’s mental health.  The theme this year is 'expressing yourself'.

Encourage children to pick up a new book this week and get lost in an imaginary world full of relatable characters or to express themselves with a non-fiction book about their favourite hobby.

Be your best you!

No one can be the best at everything – but you can be your best YOU! This book inspires children to express themselves by sharing their dreams and celebrate all the things they are good at.

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How to be happy scrapbook

As part of a school project, Jo is expressing all the different ways to be happy. By reading along children can follow her experiences, as she completes her How to be Happy Scrapbook.

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Dare to be YOU!

What would you dare to try if you stopped worrying about fitting in?  Drawing examples from sport, science and even business, Dare to Be You empowers young readers to follow their own path, love what makes them different and question the world around them.

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How can reading and writing help children to express themselves?

Blog from Maddy Barnes sharing her tips and free activities that can be used with classes from Reception to Year 6.

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