Children's Mental Health Week 2021 - Expressing yourself

This week we’re celebrating Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week to shine a spotlight on the importance of children’s mental health.

This year’s theme is ‘expressing yourself’ so we have put together a selection of blogs, resources and lesson plans that can be used to help children to express themselves either in the classroom or at home.

If you use any of these resources with your class, we'd love a photo! Feel free to share and tag us on twitter @risingstarsedu

Writing to express yourself

Unleash children's imagination by trying our fiction and non-fiction writing activities with your class this week to help pupils express themselves.

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Reading to express yourself

Encourage children to get lost in an imaginary world full of relatable characters or to express themselves with a non-fiction book about their favourite hobby.

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Art to express yourself

Art helps children to express themselves creatively, whether they're budding drawers, avid finger painters or just enjoy colouring within the lines.

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Movement to express yourself

Movement is a great way for children to express themselves, whether it’s through playing sports or showing off their favourite dance move.

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Blogs from teachers, parents and expert authors

How can reading and writing help children to express themselves?

Maddy Barnes shares tips and free samples that can be used with classes from Reception to Year 6.

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How can you express yourself by being creative?

Shona Pye shares easy creative activities she has been doing with her children during lockdown.

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