Art to express yourself

We’re celebrating Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week to shine a spotlight on the importance of children’s mental health.  The theme this year is 'expressing yourself'.

Art is a great way for children to express themselves, whether they're budding drawers or just enjoy some colouring in.  Encourage children to express themselves and get creative this week, whether its drawing, painting, collage or photography.

Stunning String Art

This activity from is a really quick way to get creative at home without very little equipment - all you need is a piece of string! Perfect for all the family to try at home during lockdown.

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The Happy Newspaper activity pack

We've teamed up with The Happy Newspaper to share an activity pack which includes fun activities, designs to colour in and facts from The Happy Newspaper to spread positivity.

Download the template and encourage children to express themselves by creating their own Happy Newspaper focusing on the new stories that are important to them.

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What gives me joy? 

This activity from Character Education encourages children to express what makes them feel happy by drawing the little things that bring them joy.

Download the lesson plan, start a class discussion and get children to be creative when drawing the things that make them happy.

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Talking paintings

This lesson plan from Thinking Classrooms encourages children to express what they feel whilst looking at famous paintings and demonstrates how everyone sees art differently.

Take this one step further by tasking your class to paint their own versions of the famous paintings discussed in the lesson.

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Why Do We Need Art? 

What use is the imagination? Can art change anything? What do we gain by being creative?  Explore these questions using activities from Why Do We Need Art? What Do We Gain By Being Creative? And Other Big Questions –  a highly topical look at the role of art and the importance of creativity in our lives and the wider world

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How can you express yourself by being creative?

Shona Pye shares easy creative activities she has been doing with her children during lockdown.

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