Reading Planet Author Tour - Meet the Authors

More about the authors and workshops

We are delighted to have 5 of our favourite authors on our tour – read about them, their books and the workshops they will be sharing on the tour!

 Gilliagillian phillipn Phillip is the author of the Reading Planet Class of the Titans series.class of the titans

Tour workshop: Meddling with myths

Gods and Legends and Mythical Beasts - for thousands of years we’ve been telling these old tales. And not just telling them - we’ve always played with them, retold them, and made up our own stories around them. Find out about the ways we use myths and legends, and create a story of your own - whether it’s Minotaurs in Manchester, Goddesses in Glasgow or Pegasus at Primary School!

Tour date and area: 11th September, Scotland

gareth jones

Gareth Jones is the author of the Reading Planet Project series.project grandma

Tour workshop: Project

The Project series by Gareth P Jones involves four stories (Project Grandma, Project Pet, Project Time Travel & Project Fame) all with the same basic premise. An ordinary child with an ordinary problem come up with an extraordinary solution. This new story generating workshop encourages your pupils to come up with their own stories based on this structure.  Writing advice, live music, fast rapping and magic tricks all play a part in guiding your class through how to find ideas, how to create characters and how to structure their stories.

Tour dates and areas: 18th September, North West England and 19th September, North East England

ross montgomery
Ross Montgomery is the author of the Reading Planet The Finney Island Files series.the finney island

Tour  workshop: Who, what, why, werewolf?

In THE FINNEY ISLAND FILES, Ash works out that his parents have been turned into robots by studying their strange behaviour. They now wear futuristic jumpsuits, speak without emotion, and they’ve even stopped blinking! In this workshop, we think about what else his parents could have been turned into - Werewolves? Aliens? Mermaids? - and think about how we could give the reader clues by showing rather than telling. A masterclass in how to write between the lines!

Tour date and area: 24th September, The Midlands and 25th September, East Midlands and Yorkshire

joseph craigworld of robots

Joseph Craig is the author of the Reading Planet World of Robots series. 

Reading Planet author roadshow workshop: Robots everywhere!
More details to follow…

Tour date and area: 2nd October, Hampshire and South West and 3rd October, Wales

the pocket elf
abie longstaff
Abie Longstaff is the author of the Reading Planet The Pocket Elf series. 

Tour workshop: Magical creatures

An exciting plotting workshop based on The Pocket Elf series. Abie will show the children how to capture a reader’s interest, and develop a story from a central concept. Includes retelling our story orally. Each child comes away from the workshop with a plot to write up later.

Tour date and area: 8th October, Kent, Sussex, South and East London and 9th October, Surrey, M4 corridor, North, West and Central London

The Reading Planet author roadshow tour dates!

Gillian Philip | Meddling with myths | 11th September | Scotland
Gareth Jones | Project | 18th September | North West England
Gareth Jones| Project | 19th September | North East England
Ross Montgomery | Who, what, why, werewolf? | 24th September | The Midlands
Ross Montgomery | Who, what, why, werewolf? | 25th September | East Midlands and Yorkshire
Joseph Craig | Robots everywhere! | 2nd October | Hampshire and South West
Joseph Craig | Robots everywhere! | 3rd October | Wales
Abie Longstaff | Magical creatures | 8th October | Kent, Sussex, South and East London
Abie Longstaff | Magical creatures | 9th October | Surrey, M4 corridor, North, West and Central London

Your author visit

The author will visit your school for 2 hours to run a fun workshop for your Key Stage 2/P4-P7 pupils and spend some time with pupils from across the school.  They will bring with them a box of books and goodies!

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