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Interim manuals and mark schemes

In advance of the full NTS Assessments manuals and mark schemes publishing in February 2020, we have created interim manuals containing teacher guidance and mark schemes for the Autumn papers. These provide you with what you need to administer and mark the tests. They also contain curriculum maps of the content covered in each paper.


Based on early feedback from schools using the Autumn papers, we have issued the following updates. Please read these alongside the manuals as they include information about administering the tests.

Standardised score tables

Autumn and Spring marksheets that convert raw scores to standardised scores are available in MARK. Alternatively, you can download the following look-up tables.


Performance indicators

The NTS Assessments performance indicators enable you to estimate the likelihood of success in the National Tests with a high degree of accuracy. They reflect where pupils, groups, classes and schools are in relation to other schools, term on term. You can apply the relevant performance indicators to each test to understand how children are performing and what band they may eventually fall into on their National Test papers if progress continues at the current rate.


Indicative scaled score correlation tables

In developing NTS Assessments, we knew that it would be crucial for teachers to be able to use the test results to gauge how their children are likely to go on to perform in the National Tests.
To this end, we collected actual National Test scores for the children who formed part of our sample of trial schools for NTS Assessments. Using a linear regression method, we have created correlation tables showing an estimated National Test score for every NTS Assessments raw score in Year 2 and Year 6.

Equating NTS Assessment standardised scores with PiRA and PUMA standardised scores

We also understood that teachers previously or currently using PiRA (Progress in Reading Assessment) and PUMA (Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment) may wish to understand how those results might compare to results in NTS Assessments, should they decide to transfer between the two suites of assessments and continue monitoring progress.

We have therefore carried out detailed analysis of the relationship between the NTS Assessments and PiRA/PUMA scores to produce correlation tables for the Autumn tests. Spring and Summer correlations will follow.

Easy download

For convenience, you can download all the above files as a single .zip folder.

*Please note that any ‘prediction’ will always be an estimate and never a guarantee; there are many factors that can affect a child’s performance on any given day.

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