What is an Access Coordinator and who should take on the role?

The Access Coordinator is a key role at your school. This person will keep the data in your My Rising Stars subscriptions and MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit) secure by approving all new teacher accounts and deleting those no longer in use. When you subscribe to resources on My Rising Stars or unlock access to MARK, you'll be asked to nominate someone at your school to act as your Access Coordinator.
We recommend that you nominate your data manager or network administrator as they're best placed for managing user data at a school level. However, you can nominate anyone at your school and change your nominated Access Coordinator at any time.
If you want to find out who your Access Coordinator is, you can do this when you're logged into your subscription products. Simply click on the star in the top right hand corner and it will provide you with the details of your Access Coordinator.

How does the Access Coordinator approve (or reject) new teacher accounts?

As the school’s Access Coordinator, we need you to authorise new teacher user accounts as part of the verification process. This enables us to protect all your data, and also allows the teacher to share access to titles with pupils.
If there are teacher accounts waiting to be approved, when you log into the subscription section of My Rising Stars or MARK, a pop-up dialog box will appear, inviting you to accept or reject new teacher accounts.
For My Rising Stars subscriptions, this action can also be carried out in the 'Manage' administration pages:

  • Click on the spanner icon

  • Click 'Manage users'

  • Click 'Approve users'

If you have accidentally rejected a teacher account, you are also able to review rejected accounts, and approve from this pop-up box.

Within MARK, the Access Coordinator should:

  • Visit ‘Manage’

  • Click on ‘Teachers’

  • From here you can approve, edit and add new teachers.

How do I transfer the Access Coordinator role?

The existing Access Coordinator is able to reassign the role to another teacher within your school.

For My Rising Stars subscriptions:

  • Click on the spanner icon

  • Select ‘Access Coordinator Preferences’

  • Click ‘Re-assign Access Coordinator’

  • You can then either select an existing teacher to assign the role to, or create a new teacher account to assign the role to.


  • Visit ‘School’

  • Click on ‘Nominate AC’

  • You can then select an existing user or set up a new teacher to replace you as the Access Coordinator.

 If your Access Coordinator has left the school, please contact our support team at   

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