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All standardised assessments come with free access to MARK, our online assessment and reporting tool

  • Trusted by over 6,000 schools for valid, easy-to-use assessment reporting and used by teachers to analyse over 2 million papers. 

  • Quickly analyse gaps in learning to inform targeted teaching.

  • ‚ÄčEnter paper test scores into online marksheets or, if you’re using the auto-marked, online, interactive versions of the tests, all results will feed through automatically.

  • Effortlessly generate reports for individuals, classes, schools and tailored groups to view and compare pupil progress and attainment.

  • Easily download visual repots that can be shared as PDFs with teachers, senior leaders, MAT leaders, governors, parents and Ofsted.


We have developed intervention grids for each PiRA and PUMA test. They suggest targeted interventions to carry out from our intervention resource, On Track Maths. This means that it's easier than ever to identify appropriate individual or small group intervention activities for the areas of weakness demonstrated in your pupils' test results.


We work closely with our partners so that together we can help you to easily and seamlessly interpret your data. The services we offer are designed to complement your use of PiRA, PUMA and GAPS in relation to MARK, our free online assessment and reporting tool trusted by over 5,500 schools.


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