Digital Evaluation Packs

Welcome to RS Assessment's new digital evaluation pack page 

Easily access key information about our most reliable assessments, including sample pages and sample reports, online and for free.

Click on a series link below and download your digital evaluation pack, and then call your local assessment consultant to discuss any questions you might have.  


Progress in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Assessment (GAPS)
National Test-style Standardised (NTS) Assessments 
New Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA)
New Progress in Reading Assessment (PiRA)
Progress in Reading Assessment (PiRA) for Scotland

Primary & Secondary

Access Mathematics Tests (AMT) 
Access Reading Tests (ART)

Diagnostic Reading Analysis (DRA)

Diagnostic Spelling Tests

Basic Number Screening Test

Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test


Progress in Reading and Language Assessment (PiRA) KS3
Progress in Understanding Mathematics Assessment (PUMA) KS3

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