Accessing your free Test Guidance, Mark Schemes and Correlation Tables


All the supporting documents you need to administer, mark and interpret your NTS Assessments are available to download from the Resource Picker in MARK, our free online assessment and reporting tool.


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Please note that you do not need to be using the reporting function in MARK to access the file downloads. However, your school does need to have a MARK account, which is free and simple to set up.


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What's available to download from the Resource Picker in MARK?

Alongside downloading free Mark Schemes per year group, you can download free Test Guidance manuals. These provide comprehensive instructions on administering NTS Assessments test papers and interpreting the results across every term from Years 1 to 6. They include:

  • an introduction to NTS Assessments

  • how to administer the papers

  • marking and analysing results

  • obtaining and interpreting test scores

  • technical information

  • standardised score tables

  • content domain tables

  • pupil progress sheets


The following look-up tables are also available to download from the Resource Picker in MARK:


All files are date stamped, so you can ensure you are using the most recent version. The latest Test Guidance and Mark Schemes have ‘Published 2020/21’ on the cover, and correlation tables say ‘Published August 2020’.


Please email if you need support or have any questions, we're more than happy to help.

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