Accessing your free Test Guidance, Mark Schemes and Correlation Tables


Read the latest updates on New PiRA/PUMA Performance Indicators and National Test Correlations for 2022/23 here.


Using White Rose 3.0? Our breakdown of the impact of new teaching orders on New PUMA assessments and our subsequent recommendations can be found here.


How to access your free Test Guidance, Mark Schemes and Correlation Tables in MARK:

All the supporting documents you need to administer, mark and interpret New PiRA and New PUMA are available to download from the Resource Picker in MARK:


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What's available to download from the Resource Picker in MARK?

Alongside downloading free Mark Schemes per year group, you can download free Test Guidance manuals. These provide comprehensive instructions on administering New PiRA and New PUMA and interpreting the results across every term from Reception to Year 6. They include:

  • An introduction to New PiRA and New PUMA

  • How to administer the papers

  • Marking and analysing results

  • Obtaining and interpreting test scores

  • Technical information

  • Standardised Score tables

  • New PiRA/PiRA and New PUMA/PUMA correlation tables: showing how results compare between existing and new editions for schools who move to the new editions and wish to continue monitoring progress


Please email if you need further support or have any questions, we're more than happy to help.

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