Switched on Computing: Learn to Code

Exciting KS2 coding activities

Learn to Code Practice Books have been written to engage Key Stage 2 children with easy-to-follow, creative activities that follow the key coding requirements of the new computing curriculum.

  • Embed coding skills with manageable pupil-led projects
  • Step-by-step activities are ideal for extension work, coding clubs and homework
  • Support non-specialists with accompanying Teacher Booklets

Linked to Switched on Computing, the fun and engaging units provide additional coding practice, as well as open-ended activities to stretch and challenge more able pupils. They can be used as standalone books to practice coding, or used to consolidate knowledge and skills from Switched on Computing

Why not use the activities in your code club? Download a FREE sample activity pack

Try sample activities: Programming a Sprite using Scratch, and Programming how characters move using Kodu.

About the author: Claire Lotriet is a Year 6 teacher and Upper Key Stage 2 phase leader at a south London primary school, where she also coordinates computing and enterprise. Passionate about technology, in and out of the classroom, and social media, she has recently spoken to a variety of audiences about preparing for the new primary computing curriculum. She is also the author of Switched on Computing: Take your first easy steps with Microsoft and recently won a Naace Impact Award 2015.

Looking for some top tips for coding? Download this handy poster to display in your school!


What's included?

Learn to Code is made up of 4 full colour pupil books for years 3-6 each with an accompanying teacher's booklet.

Pupil Books

  • Twelve units in each book – two per half term
  • Visualised outcomes to make activities accessible for all pupils
  • Additional challenges to stretch more able pupils
  • Key words to develop coding vocabulary
  • Differentiated assessment statements identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Progression embedded within each book

Teacher’s Booklet

  • Step-by-step guidance to running each activity supports non-specialist teachers
  • Free software overview provides teachers with all the information they need before getting started
  • Glossary gives teachers clear and concise explanations of difficult terms


Learn to Code Practice Books are numbered for flexible use across year groups.



Age Group


Links to Switched on Computing




Scratch, Kodu, Excel

3.1 We are programmers, 3.6 We are opinion pollsters, 3.3 We are Presenters




Scratch, Lightbot, HTML using Thimble

4.1 We are software developers, 4.2 We are toy makers, 4.4 We are HTML editors




Kodu, Snap!, Logo

5.1 We are game developers, 5.2 We are cryptographers, 5.3 We are artists




TouchDevelop, AppInventor, Python

6.5 We are app developes and extension beyond Switched on Computing

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