Engaging coding activities for ages 7-11

Get your kids coding with fun and engaging practice books for ages 7-11, containing easy-to-follow activities and projects.

  • Save preparation time with step-by-step activities, ideal for extension work, coding clubs and homework, covering key requirements of the computing curriculum. 

  • Embed and practice coding skills in a fun way with creative activities and manageable pupil led projects.

  • Stretch and challenge more able pupils with open ended activities.

  • Teach lessons of the highest quality whatever your expertise with comprehensive downloadable Teacher's notes. 

Why not try these activities with your coding club?

Books 2 & 4 have now been updated. Find out what we've changed below.


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Updates to Books 2 & 4: What's changed?

Learn to Code books 2 and 4 have now been updated. Here's what's changed:

  •  The HTML activities in Book 2 are now on W3Schools rather than Thimble.

  • Lightbox activities have been replaced with more Scratch activities.

  •  Book 4 now contains a whole new set of Microsoft MakeCode activities on programming a BBC Micro:bit using Javascript, to replace the TouchDevelop unit in the previous edition. 

  • All Teacher’s Notes are Free and downloadable from our website (see the back of the book for the url).

Updates to Books 2 & 4: What's changed?
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