Spelling Tests

Weekly spelling tests to ensure new national curriculum spelling coverage

From May 2016 children will be expected to take an English grammar, punctuation and spelling test at KS1 and KS2. Within each test children will be expected to spell target words presented within contextualised sentences.

Rising Stars New Curriculum Spelling Tests:

  • Save you time, with all spelling tests written for you
  • Ensure weekly progression and coverage of the new English curriculum
  • Prepare children for the National Tests
  • Consolidate classroom teaching with tests based around spelling rules

Download a sample

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New Curriculum Dictation Tests

15 dictation tasks per year allow children to practise writing simple sentences dictated to them, as required by the new English PoS. Find out more about this new addition to the range here


What's included?

New Curriculum Spelling Tests are made up of Teacher's Packs for Years 1-6. Each Pack includes:

  • A photocopiable Teacher’s Book containing 10 photocopiable tests per term – 30 per year!
  • Editable versions of all tests on the CD-ROM
  • Audio version of all the tests on the CD-ROM
  • A permentent whole-school site licence for all the CD-ROM materials
  • Permanent access to all content online via My Rising Stars
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