Identify learning and behavioural needs, generate targeted interventions and track progress over time

  • Identify 20 specific learning needs (SNAP-SpLD) and 17 social, emotional and behavioural needs (SNAP-B)

  • Quickly generate reports and suggested strategies involving both home and school

  • Easily administered by any member of staff without the need for specialist training

  • Reassess pupils and track pupil progress in one report to monitor the impact of interventions

SNAP follows the Assess - Plan - Do - Review model as set out in the SEND Code of Practice (2014).

Identify specific learning needs

SNAP-SpLD profiles 20 specific learning needs - more than any other SEN tool. Suitable for ages 4-16.

Learn about SNAP-SpLD

Identify social, emotional & behavioural needs

SNAP-B can be used to profile 17 social, emotional and behavioural needs. Suitable for ages 5-16.

Learn about SNAP-B

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