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Assess your less able pupils' reading ability in less than 10 minutes

Quickly assess the reading and comprehension ability of pupils in less than 10 minutes, with a one-to-one oral reading test for ages 5 to 16. Fully updated in line with the National Curriculum, this quick standardised test is ideal for screening large groups of pupils, tracking small steps of progress and monitoring the impact of interventions over time.

Updated features include:

  • New sentences offering an increased level of difficulty so that the test can be used securely into KS3.
  • Three comprehension questions per sentence testing literal understanding, inference and vocabulary.
  • New listening comprehension for pupils that are unable to read the sentences.
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Please be advised that orders of New Salford Sentence Reading Test are restricted to schools/institutions only. Please supply an institutional address when you place your order as we are unable to fulfil orders with a private address.

Support and track your pupils' progress in reading and comprehension
Quickly assess the reading and comprehension ability of your pupils
Quickly assess a pupil’s reading accuracy and comprehension ability using sentences aligned to the National Curriculum.
Monitor pupil progress and track the impact of interventions
Track small steps of progress and demonstrate the impact of interventions over time with parallel forms.
Generate quick and reliable data
Generate reliable reading ages, comprehension ages and age standardised scores.
What's new?
Updated content in line with the National Curriculum
All content aligned to the National Curriculum, including updated comprehension questions to assess inference, literal comprehension and vocabulary.
Fully re-standardised
Re-standardised in the spring term of 2022 to provide teachers with the most accurate pupil data.
Can be delivered as a listening comprehension
For pupils unable to read the first sentence, the test can be delivered as a listening comprehension, so teachers can still get a measure of their understanding.

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What's included?

The teacher's manual provides administration guidance, details on next steps and strategies to improve the test outcomes section.

The Record Sheet allows teachers to keep track of reading errors and comprehension answers.

The reading cards include additional sentences, enabling the test to be used with lower ability readers in KS3.

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