Optional Tests

Give your children the best possible preparation for the SATs with our Optional Tests for GPS, reading and mathematics for Years 1 to 6. The tests match the style, format and demand of the SATs and have been written by assessment experts with experience writing for the national tests - so you know that you can trust them for assessing children's performance against national expectations.

  • SATs-style tests prepare children for the style, format and demand of the SATs
  • Assess against end-of-year expectations and see how children are performing against the national standard
  • Identify strengths and weakneses at strand level to inform future teaching
  • Alternate between three comparabe sets (A, B and C) to prevent teaching to the test
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Alternate between three comparable sets to prevent teaching to the test

We offer three comparable sets, so you can use the tests flexibly in line with your primary assessment policy. Optional Tests assess the entire year's worth of content and are ideal end-of-year assessments. They can also be used to baseline at the start of the year (using the tests from the year below). View products from Set AB and C by selecting from the icons below.  

         SATs-style Optional Tests Set A        SATs-style Optional Tests Set B        SATs-style Optional Tests Set C 

Independently reviewed as effective and reliable

An independent review found our Optional Tests to be reliable and effective, so you know that you can trust them for your summative primary assessment solution. 

Assess whether children are performing at the national standard

Performance Indicators are provided for every test help teachers identify whether children are performing in line with national expectations. We also provide National Test Indicators for Set A Years 2 and 6 to help teachers understand how children may perform in the national tests.

Quickly analyse results with FREE online reports

SATs-style Optional Tests Report
Gain valuable insight into individual and group performance with free online analysis and reports.  

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses by strand of the curriculum to inform future teaching
  • See whether children are performing at the expected standard at the end of the year 
  • Compare children's performance against the class average in order to see where additional support is needed 


Enjoy a virtual visit from a Rising Stars consultant

Year Group Packs (available for Sets AB and C) include:

  • 30 copies of each of the test papers for GPS, reading and mathematics
  • 1 Teacher's Guide per subject
  • Downloadable Teacher Guide PDFs
  • Online analysis and reports
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