Reading Planet Cosmos Fiction Pack Mars - Supernova

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 30/08/2019
ISBN: 9781510478640
Key Stage 2

Ensure pupils become confident and fluent readers with Reading Planet Cosmos. Pupils will develop key vocabulary and comprehension skills and build a real love of reading with classic retellings, cultural tales, modern mini-series, humour, science-fiction and other genres. Each book includes comprehension questions, suggested activities and author notes to support reading sessions. Ideal for one-to-one, whole-class or group guided reading in the classroom and for home reading.

What's Included?

Includes 24 fiction reading books for Years 5-6 covering Mars to Supernova bands (1 copy of each book).

6 x Mars:

  • The Smiling Stones - Mars

  • Project Grandma - Mars

  • Class of the Titans: The Cyclopes' Rebellion - Mars

  • Jez Smedley: Diary of a Football Ninja: The Disappearing Pitch Disaster - Mars

  • The Smiling Stones - Mars

  • Anne of Green Gables - Mars

  • Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Mars

6 x Jupiter:

  • Class of the Titans: The Great Escape - Jupiter

  • Project Pet - Jupiter

  • Jez Smedley: Diary of a Football Ninja: Mayhem at the Football Museum - Jupiter

  • Under a Parrot Sky - Jupiter

  • The Time Machine - Jupiter

  • The Nutcracker - Jupiter

6 x Saturn:

  • Project Time  - Saturn

  • Class of the Titans: Fire and Fury  - Saturn

  • Jez Smedley Diary of a Football Ninja: Continental Cup Crisis  - Saturn

  • The Apollo Time Capsule  - Saturn

  • Beneath the Surface: Tales of a Welsh Legend  - Saturn

  • Jane Eyre  - Saturn

6 x Supernova:

  • Project Fame - Supernova

  • Class of the Titans: The Spell of Doom - Supernova

  • Jez Smedley: Diary of a Football Ninja: World Championship Wipeout! - Supernova

  • Votes for Women - Supernova

  • Mulan and other Legendary Stories from China - Supernova

  • Hound of the Baskervilles - Supernova

Each Cosmos reading book is also available as an interactive eBook with quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online Stars-Supernova .

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