Astro Upper Bands Pack

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 05/05/2022
ISBN: 9781398340435
Key Stage 2

Target your struggling and reluctant Key Stage 2 readers with Reading Planet Astro. The exciting dual-banded books combine lower reading levels with age-related interest levels to ensure pupils enjoy reading whilst improving their fluency. Each book includes letter-sounds and tricky words lists to support phonics practice as well as questions designed to improve vocabulary and comprehension.

What's Included?

24 Reading Planet Astro books for Years 4-6 covering Mars/Stars to Supernova/Earth bands (1 copy of each book).

6 x Mars/Stars books for interest age 8-9 and reading age 7-8:

  • Year 6 at Greenwicks: Carter’s Story - Mars/Stars band: Astro

  • Time Tours: Crash into History – Mars/Stars band: Astro

  • Tomb Robbers – Mars/Stars band: Astro

  • Amazing Women in Black History – Mars/Stars band: Astro

  • Tutankhamun: Search for the Lost Pharaoh – Mars/Stars band: Astro

  • Forbidden Classroom: Secrets – Mars/Stars band: Astro

6 x Jupiter/ Mercury books for interest age 9-10 and reading age 7-8:

  • Time Tours: City of Doom – Jupiter/Mercury: Astro

  • Deadly Game – Jupiter/Mercury band: Astro

  • The Number Universe: The Hidden Maths Inside Everything – Jupiter/Mercury band: Astro

  • Forbidden Classroom: The Intruder – Jupiter/Mercury band: Astro

  • Lights, Camera, Action: How Movies Are Made – Jupiter/Mercury band

  • Year 6 at Greenwicks: Lexi's Story – Jupiter/Mercury band: Astro

6 x Saturn/Venus books for interest age 10-11 and reading age 7-8:

  • Year 6 at Greenwicks: Femi's Story - Saturn/Venus band: Astro

  • Time Tours: Volcano of Fear - Saturn/Venus band: Astro

  • Firestorm! - Saturn/Venus band: Astro                            

  • Inside Our Planet - Saturn/Venus band: Astro

  • Forbidden Classroom: Friends and Enemies - Saturn/Venus band: Astro 

  • Why Are You Wearing THAT? A history of the clothes we wear - Saturn/Venus band: Astro   

6 x Supernova/Earth for interest age 10-11 and reading age 8-9:

  • Year 6 at Greenwicks: Sara's Story - Supernova/Earth band: Astro

  • The Story of Us - Supernova/Earth band: Astro                

  • Time Tours 4: Sky Smash! - Supernova/Earth band: Astro 

  • Crow Wars - Supernova/Earth band: Astro       

  • Your Brilliant Brain - Supernova/Earth band: Astro   

  • Forbidden Classroom: Battle in the Stars- Supernova/Earth band: Astro

Each Astro reading book will also be available as an interactive eBook with audio and quizzes via the 1-year subscription to the Reading Planet Online Stars - Supernova.

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