Astro Lower Bands Pack

Rising Stars Reading Planet
Publication date: 14/09/2021
ISBN: 9781398340428
Key Stage 2

Target your struggling and reluctant Key Stage 2 readers with Reading Planet Astro. The exciting dual-banded books combine lower reading levels with age-related interest levels to ensure pupils enjoy reading whilst improving their fluency. Each book is highly decodable and aligned with the progression of the Reading Planet Rocket Phonics programme. Letter-sounds and tricky words lists are included to support phonics practice, as well as questions designed to improve vocabulary and comprehension.

What's Included?

24 highly decodable Reading Planet Astro books for Years 3-4 covering Stars/Turquoise to Earth/White bands (1 copy of each book).

6 x Stars/Turquoise books for interest age 7-8 and reading age 6-7:

  • Green Patrol: Beginnings - Stars/Turquoise: Astro

  • Hookwell’s School for Proper Pirates 1 - Stars/Turquoise: Astro

  • A Good Friend, Dragonville: The Unks of Slug Swamp - Stars/Turquoise: Astro

  • Amazing Men in Black History - Stars/Turquoise: Astro

  • Planet Protectors - Stars/Turquoise: Astro

6 x Mercury/Purple books for interest age 7-8 and reading age 6-7:

  • Down in the Deep Sea - Mercury/Purple: Astro

  • Green Patrol: Amazon  - Mercury/Purple: Astro

  • Hookwell’s School for Proper Pirates 2  - Mercury/Purple: Astro

  • Skates On  - Mercury/Purple: Astro

  • Dragonville: The Return of Lord Tim  - Mercury/Purple: Astro

  • Exploring Space  - Mercury/Purple: Astro

 6 x Venus/Gold books for  interest age 7-8 and reading age 6-7:

  • Green Patrol: Amazon  -Venus/Gold: Astro

  • Hookwell’s School for Proper Pirates 3 -Venus/Gold: Astro

  • Life on Mars -Venus/Gold: Astro

  • The Ice Age -Venus/Gold: Astro

  • Dragonville: Battle of the Unicorns -Venus/Gold: Astro

  • Game On! How Computer Games are Made -Venus/Gold: Astro

 6 x Earth/White books for interest age 8-9 and reading age 6-7:

  • Green Patrol: Ocean - Earth/White Astro

  • Hookwell’s School for Proper Pirates 4  - Earth/White Astro

  • A Kite for a Prince  - Earth/White Astro

  • Food Myth Busters  - Earth/White Astro

  • Dragonville: Dragon of Doom  - Earth/White Astro

Each Astro reading book is available as an interactive eBook with audio and quizzes via the 1-year subscription to Reading Planet Online Stars - Supernova.

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