Boost teaching at your school with a wealth of high-quality ideas, practical strategies, classroom examples and whole-school case studies for Primary and Secondary schools from best-selling author Shirley Clarke. 

  • Create and environment for pupils to be active learners, constant reviews and self-assessors. 

  • Ensure that teachers start and finish lessons effectively by initially establishing the class’s  prior knowledge and capturing their interest, before finally encouraging pupil reflection to find out what has been learned and what still needs to be developed.

  • Focus on whole-school development including lesson study, assessment policies and stories from outstanding schools. 

  • ​Help children articulate their understanding and focus on constant review and improvement. 

About the Author

Shirley Clarke

Shirley Clarke is a leading expert on formative assessment and much in demand as an education consultant, in the UK and Internationally. 

An experienced primary teacher, advisory teacher and popular speaker, she runs numerous local and regional training courses on classroom assessment. 

Her courses for teachers and the work with her many action research teams give her a down-to-earth perspective on day-to-day classroom realities, which is reflected in all her books. 

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