On Track Maths

Ensure all children stay on track with targeted, same-day intervention

Identify gaps in children’s knowledge or understanding across the primary maths curriculum, and resolve them on the same day with short, targeted intervention to keep your class on track..

  • Deliver meaningful intervention in short-sharp sessions
  • Ensure all children catch up with their peers
  • Raise attainment by securing conceptual understanding in same-day intervention

The On Track Maths concept

"Children can experience obstacles to learning caused by a lack of understanding of fundamental concepts. For example, a child in Year 5 may experience serious difficulties with large numbers because their understanding of basic place value was not secure when they were taught it many years before. On Track Maths provides teachers with the tools that they need to identify what a child can do and understand, and then go back to the relevant curriculum year’s knowledge to plug the gaps and put them back on track." Eleanor Hick, On Track Maths author"

“Our TA has found On Track Maths really easy to use. I like how you can adapt the lessons to match your children’s ability. We do "mini maths" (a bit like phonics daily) so they are short easy tasks we can use.” Jo Turner, Colne Park Primary School in Lancashire.
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