Maths For the More Able


Extend and deepen more able children's understanding, and get them reasoning at a higher level with contextualised mathematics.

  • Engage and excite pupils using challenging space-themed problem-solving activities
  • Gain the confidence to stretch your more-able pupils in mathematics
  • Adapt and edit activities and create your own resources
  • Give pupils opportunities to explore and apply National Curriculum maths content


See Maths for the More Able in action

Find out how Maths for the More Able deepens pupils' understanding of the new maths curriculum and see it in action at Farnborough Primary School.

Maths for the More Able has been created in association with NACE: the National Association for Able Children in Education and is underpinned by the quality standard for gifted and talented teaching and learning.

What you get in this series

  • A photocopiable Teacher's Guide for years 2-6
  • A CD-ROM with permanent whole-school site licence
  • Permanent access to all the content online via My Rising Stars

Each year group contains:

  • 22 space themed pupil activities (photocopiable)
  • Opportunities to apply knowledge at 3 progressively more challenging levels
  • Accompanying teacher's support with background knowledge and how to run the activity
  • Prompts for assessing children's strategies
  • All answers provided
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