Fluency with Fractions

Helps all teachers teach outstanding maths lessons.

The new National Curriculum for mathematics covers topics in greater depth and has higher expectations overall. There is now greater emphasis on calculating with fractions, and this brand new resource has been developed to support schools in delivering this more challenging part of the curriculum with confidence. 

Fluency with Fractions provides full coverage of the National Curriculum requirement to teach fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion from Year 1 - Year 6.

  • Focuses on the toughest area of the National Curriculum
  • Includes indispensable guidance for teaching fractions effectively
  • Carefully builds skills and confidence, and prepares children for the new National Tests


What does Fluency with Fractions cover?

Year 1 - Covers fractions in 18 lessons
Year 2 - Covers fractions in 18 lessons
Year 3 - Covers fractions and decimals in 22 lessons
Year 4 - Covers fractions and decimals in 22 lessons
Year 5 - Covers fractions, decimals and percentages
Year 6 covers fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio and proportion

What's included

Fluency with Fractions is made up of 6 Teacher's Guides from years 1-6 with a CD-ROM with a permanent whole-school site licence. Each teacher resource pack contains 18-22 straightforward lesson plans. Each lesson plan contains:

  • clear background information to support non-maths specialists
  • step-by-step guidance on using visual representations
  • three differentiated activities to provide personalised support and challenge for every child

Key Stage 1 lessons come with photocopiable "Talking Points' that show fractions in context.

The CD-ROM includes all the activities in editable form so you can personalise them to meet your needs.

Download the complete contents list

Fluency with Fractions at Farnborough Primary School

"When I first looked at it, I thought the task was rather challenging for my children. But having worked through the module I was amazed at what they could do..."  Watch the video to find out how Farnborough Primary School got on using Fluency with Fractions.

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