Diagnostic Reading Analysis

Assess your less-able readers in 20 minutes with this oral, one-to-one standardised test for pupils aged 7-16.

Diagnostic Reading Analysis (DRA) enables the testing of listening and reading comprehension and a single word reading for less-able readers.

Developed in partnership with the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, this one-to-one standardised test helps to inform teaching and provide reading ages and measures for access arrangements including:

  • reading accuracy
  • ​reading speed
  • reading comprehension (including average answer time)
  • single word reading accuracy

How does DRA work?

An initial listening comprehension passage helps to decide the starting point for each pupil.  The pupil then goes on to read aloud and answer questions on three passages – fiction and non-fiction – pitched at just below, at and just above their reading level.

What’s new?

The brand-new edition has been fully re-standardised and includes four new upper-level passages (fiction and non-fiction), engaging reading texts matched to the 2014 curriculum and brand-new full colour illustrations.


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