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A quick, reliable assessment focusing on children's understanding of number and number operations.

Quickly assess pupils' understanding of number and number operations with this standardised test for groups and individual pupils aged 5-14.

Delivered orally, this test accurately reflects a pupil’s math ability by assessing numeracy skills rather than reading ability – perfect for quickly assessing and tracking the progress of lower-ability readers, pupils who may have a suspected learning difficulty and for less able pupils in Key Stage 3.


New features include:

  • An extended age rage so that the test can be used from KS1-KS3.
  • Re-standardisation.
  • Easy-to-use digital mark sheets and reporting in MARK our free assessment and reporting tool. You can add it for free at the check out!
Assess knowledge and track progress with the Basic Number Screening Test
Quickly identify gaps in your pupils' number knowledge
A low-stress test to identify gaps in pupil’s number and number operations knowledge in less than 30 minutes
Generate quick and accurate data on your pupils
Quickly generate standardised scores, age standardised scores and number ages to get an accurate picture of a pupil’s Maths ability so you can put the right learning support in place
Track pupil progress and monitor interventions
Track pupil progress with parallel forms and monitor the impact of interventions using online marksheets and reports
What's new?
Re-standardised and updated
Fully re-standardised and updated in line with the National Curriculum and the DfE’s Ready to Progress Criteria
Now tests pupils aged 5-14
Age range extended to 5–14 with additional questions at the top and bottom of the test
Instantly produces quick and accurate digital data on your pupils
New digital marksheets and instant online reports quickly calculate a pupil’s standardised score, age standardised score and number age so you can get an accurate picture of a pupil’s Maths ability

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