A quick, reliable assessment focussing on children's understanding of number and number operations.

It assess National Curriculum teaching from Years 1-5, making the test suitable for use throughout Key Stage 2. 

  • Standardised on over 8,000 pupils nationally
  • Provides standardised scores and number ages
  • Norms are provided as standardised scores for ages 6:0 to 12:3, and as number ages 5 to 12:8
  • An informal ‘special needs indicator’ helps pinpoint those children who are likely to require some degree of learning support

Introductory overview of series

This test is delivered orally, so assesses pupils’ numeracy skills rather than their reading ability, making it ideal for use with poor readers. It can also be used with older, less able pupils at Key Stage 3. Quick to give and easy to mark, with parallel forms A and B to enable re-testing to assess progress, the test takes about 30 minutes or less to administer to class groups or individual pupils.

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