New PiRA: ​Termly tests enabling you to reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages in reading. Standardised on over 10,000 pupils in 2019/20/21. Available in paper and auto-marked online format.

  • Confidently assess each of the content domains in every termly test and generate diagnostics about strengths and weaknesses to inform teacher planning.

  • Save time with papers that are quick and simple to administer and mark, carefully written to ensure a steady progression in demand. Also available in online, auto-marked, interactive format.

  • Gain free access to our online reporting toolkit, trusted by over 6,000 schools to measure performance, identify gaps in learning and present holistic reports for from Reception to Year 6.

  • Written by established authors who have years of teaching and test-writing experience and who are passionate about providing high-quality, diagnostic information to assist teachers and support children’s learning.

  • Free downloadable access to your test guidance and mark schemes.

£19.25 per 10-copy pack of termly tests for each subject and year group.

£1.90 per interactive test credit.

(only available for purchase by schools or MATs)


Guidance on how to access Free Test Guidance, Mark Schemes and Correlation Tables for New PiRA can be found here.

New PiRA interactive

Discover the online, auto-marked, interactive format available for New PiRA and how much time it could save you

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PiRA for Scotland

New PiRA is also available in a version tailored to Scottish Curriculum for Excellence

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"The tests have been the most useful investment we've made, certainly in terms of assessment, in the eight years I've led the school" 

Headteacher, Long Crendon School

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New PiRA assessment maps

View and download assessment maps for KS1 and KS2

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"If you want to invest in something that reduces teacher workload and improves overall outcomes for children, then the flexibility of this assessment system is something worth considering."

Headteacher, Little London Community Primary School

2022 Correlation Study

Read the latest correlation study for New PiRA to learn about performance indicator updates and National Test predictions

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Test outcomes and features of New PiRA

Find out what's new about New PiRA, and what its test outcomes and features mean for you

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"The children love the bright designs and the characters within the tests. They feel incredibly comfortable as the papers look and feel familiar and use language that they are well used to."

Headteacher, Griffydam Primary School

Read our case studies

Find out how schools and MATs across the UK and internationally have used New PiRA

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Meet the authors

Learn more about the creators of New PiRA, Colin McCarty and Kate Ruttle

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"Teachers use it to identify areas of strength and weakness and tailor future planning, teaching and class interventions. The Team Leader then uses the data to plan team interventions, deploying the team SEN, TA and HLTA."

Deputy Head & Assessment Lead, Riverside Primary School

FREE online reports and marksheets on MARK

All standardised assessments come with free access to MARK, our powerful online assessment and reporting tool trusted by over 6,000 schools

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Targeted interventions for New PiRA

Deliver diagnostically driven intervention activities for groups and individuals, targeting the areas of weakness demonstrated in your pupils’ assessment results

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What pupils at St Barnabas C of E First and Middle School think of PiRA, PUMA and GAPS
What staff at St Barnabas C of E First and Middle School think of PiRA, PUMA and GAPS

Your other options in standardised assessments from RS Assessment

Assess maths with New PUMA

​Termly standardised maths assessments to complement New PiRA. Standardised on over 10,000 pupils in 2019/20/21. Available in paper and auto-marked online format.

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Assess GPS with GAPS

Termly tests in grammar, punctuation and spelling that reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages.

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Your guide to standardised assessments

An introduction to standardised assessments: What are they? How are they standardised? What information do they provide? How can they support your school's teaching and learning?

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We offer termly National Test-style standardised assessments, too!

Familiarise your pupils with National Test-style reading and maths papers whilst confidently measuring termly performance against thousands of pupils nationally.

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Looking for a reading scheme?

Reading Planet offers flexible print and digital resources to inspire your young readers

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Using termly standardised assessment papers outside of the recommended test windows

Using your assessments outside of the recommended test windows to evaluate what pupils have learned, as well as understanding which areas they need more help with, when testing is rescheduled.

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