Writing Assessment Tasks

Includes pupil exemplars with guidance on the expected standard

Using common tasks for writing can help to support effective assessment and moderation. Writing Assessment Tasks, available for Years 2 to 6, include half-termly tasks written specifically for the new curriculum to help teachers assess and moderate children's writing with confidence. 

  • The technical writing and composition tasks provide children with opportunities to demonstrate writing skills independently.
  • The marking support helps teachers to reliably assess children's writing against age-related expectations.
  • Real pupil exemplars give teachers the confidence to know what 'meeting the expected standard' looks like. 

"Using consistent writing tasks can help to support effective assessment and moderation"

- Shareen Mayers, Primary English and Assessment Consultant


About the tasks

There are two technical writing tasks per half term to assess planning, précising, editing and dictation. There is one long composition task per half term to assess writing skills across a range of genres.

The mark scheme has clear links to:

  • the new programme of study for English
  • NAHT Key performance Indicators
  • the Rising Stars Progression Framework.

Download sample pages for précising and composition with mark schemes here.

Download a full contents list here

Each Year Pack includes:

  • A photocopiable book with three tasks per half term (two short tasks, one longer task)
  • Printable task PDFs with full-colour images
  • Teacher guidance, including pupil exemplars with commentary
  • A Gap Analysis tool to identify strengths and weaknesses

"These writing tasks are an invaluable tool to help primary teachers consistently assess writing throughout the primary years" – NAHT

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