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Quotes from the British International School of Brussels

“The tests are straightforward and well presented, and the children enjoy them and find them accessible, regardless of their language level. They are easy to administrate, relatively easy to mark, and the reports are clear and informative, without being overly complicated. The data is easy to interpret and gives us a clear picture of what the children can do well and where we need to improve our focus.”

“The tests are done prior to Parents’ evenings and the results are used to reinforce feedback on each individual child. Many of our parents appreciate, and expect, concrete test-based evidence of their child’s progress. The results give us, as teachers, a framework for discussion.”

“PiRA gives you a clear, easily administered means of testing all children across the school and on an on-going basis throughout a child’s school career. It provides an excellent overview of how each child progresses through the school, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in a child’s understanding – and therefore providing a tool to assess the effectiveness of our language teaching at each level.”

Progress Tests

GEMS Royal Dubai School

“Teachers’ were also able to notice trends and gaps in knowledge to support their medium and short term planning.  As there is no formal curriculum assessment available in science, the assessments have been valuable in supporting teacher judgement through a mixture of scientific knowledge, understanding and application style questioning.  Rising Stars assessments have successfully supported us through an outstanding inspection as part of a robust and responsive assessment suite.”

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