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Welcome to Reading Planet;  a modern, affordable and exciting primary reading scheme.

What’s available?

  • More than 300 engaging books featuring diverse character, stories and themes.
  • Comprehensive teacher support to accompany every reading book

  • Helpful guidance for parents and carers to support reading at home

  • All books are available as exciting eBooks in the Reading Planet Online Library


How to use your PTA funds to buy Reading Planet

Take advantage of our special offer for PTAs.

Claim a FREE class set of  Guide to Reading with your Child books when your PTA buys a Reading Planet pack. This handy guide supports parents with reading at home. Find out more here

To order, simply complete and return the order form to us using the details provided on the form. Alternatively, call us on 01235 400 555. We're here to help!

What you can buy

If you have £400

The Complete Year 2 Starter Pack has 72 books for Year 2. 

£395 with a built-in 10% discount

If you have £500

The Complete Year 1 Starter Pack has 120 books for Year 1. 

£475.00 with a built-in 10% discount 

If you have £550

The Complete Reception Starter Pack has 168 books for reception. 

 £540.00 with a built-in 10% discount

If you have £1,300

The Complete Reception and KS1 Value Pack has 360 books for Reception and Key Stage 1. 

£1,260.00 with a built-in 20% discount 


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