PUMA interventions

We have developed intervention grids for each PUMA test, which suggest targeted interventions to carry out from our intervention resource, On Track Maths. This means that it's easier than ever to identify appropriate individual or small group intervention activities for the areas of weakness demonstrated in your pupils' PUMA test results.

Our handy remediation guide shows you how to use the intervention grids and has two types of suggested interventions following each PUMA test:

1. Strand level intervention
2. ‚ÄčArea of learning intervention

See for yourself...

Click on the year groups below to see examples of strand level interventions for PUMA Spring:

Step 1:

Read the free intervention guide and ensure that you have access to the below resources:


Step 2:

Download your free 'strand level' and 'area of learning' intervention grids:





To find out more about our tailored interventions, click here and one of our Assessment Consultants will be in contact soon!

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