A WORKSHOP for PiRA, PUMA and GAPS users: Standardised assessment and getting to grips with MARK

Central London: Thursday 10th October 2019  
Trainer: Becky St.John

Why attend?

Data expert, Becky St. John, explores MARK, our free online assessment and reporting kit. This course is ideal for anyone who currently adopts, or is considering adopting, PiRA, PUMA and/or GAPS and wants to understand how the platform can help them to interpret test results in the most efficient and digestible way possible. This full day workshop is a friendly, dynamic, informative way of understanding the benefits of each of the reports and how they can help you to communicate relevant, timely and in-depth information with pupils, parents, teachers, governors, Ofsted and other key stakeholders, with ease.

  • Develop a clear understanding of what standardised assessment is, why we need it, and how it fits in with and supports internal progress tracking and external performance tests.
  • Explore the MARK system, looking at how to set up and use the system efficiently.
  • Discuss PiRA, PUMA and GAPs reports, and how each one can inform different stakeholders, making sure you are getting the maximum benefit from the test results. 

Bring a colleague for £50 + VAT! Register for two or more places and pay £50 + VAT for the extra places. 





Registration and coffee


Standardised assessment

  • Establishing a shared understanding
  •  Interpreting standardised scores
  •  Links with national performance measures


Morning coffee


Tracking progress in the light of 'Life after Levels' 

  •  Creating an effective tracking system
  •  Keeping the lid on workload
  •  Where do standardised assessments fit in?

12.30pm Lunch


Introduction to MARK

  •  Setting up admin rights, classes and pupils
  •  Deciding on the information you want in the system
  •  Entering data & exporting reports

Monitoring a cultural entitlement for underprivileged children (and the rest!)
  • What cultural entitlement and why?
  • What other schools are doing
  • A free set of ideas and criteria for mapping and underwriting essential cultural experiences


Afternoon tea



  •  Introduction to the reports
  •  What, who, when, why?
  • SEND & Pupil Premium in focus


Review and reflect


Course ends


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