is the flexible online learning platform that supports you in delivering a broad and blended curriculum in-school and remotely with a unique approach to wellbeing; taking care of the curriculum and your pupils. 


  • Ensure continuous curriculum delivery in school and at home with ready-made lessons that mix easily with existing plans and your school’s preferred online teaching platform
  • Meet and exceed the new DfE remote learning requirements by ensuring all pupils can access a broad curriculum on any digital device
  • Support for pupils’ learning and wellbeing with additional materials created by mental health and wellbeing experts


Download 6 weeks' worth of lesson plans and activities for FREE from - perfect for remote learning during lockdown.

KS1 - Worth Repeating

Worth Repeating centres on learning about the patterns that exist in nature. The subject focus is Art but it also touches on History, Music and Design Technology.

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KS2 - Amazing Islands

Amazing Islands focuses on learning about the world we live in. Geography is the main subject focus, but this theme also includes History, Art, Music and Design Technology.

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Deliver a rigorous, exciting and purposeful curriculum for years 1-6 with access to six themes per year group, setting you up for a full years’ worth of teaching:

  • Remove lesson prep time with ready-made teaching plans, activities and more across a range of subjects including English, Science and PSHE 

  • Spark pupil engagement with new and fun ways to learn including suggested ‘excite’ activities and online quizzes

  • Encourage parents and carers to join in through ‘explore with your family’ activities that boost pupils’ curiosity and creativity 

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The mental health and wellbeing of every child is at the heart of Specially created PSHE resources, expert-led training and free access to mental health therapists are available online, day and night.

  • Primary: Tips, tools and extra support helping pupils build the skills they need to thrive in any learning environment

  • Secondary: Activities and advice built into lessons guide students to self-manage their wellbeing, as well as free access to external support including the Trauma Response Network (TRN) 

  • Learn how to spot warning signals and keep learners connected in the class and at home with primary- and secondary-specific teacher training and support materials

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Dive into ready-made lessons covering a range of subjects including English, Science, Geography and History. Designed to make the classroom more flexible and accessible for every student.

  • Choose one or all of the themes available, designed to spark curiosity and embed understanding.

  • Simplify teaching with self-directed online and offline activities helping students to think and learn independently.

  • Feel confident knowing that students' mental health and wellbeing is supported throughout their learning with therapy links and more. Find out more

  • Extra support around GCSE learning and life after education including links to careers advice for Key Stage 4 students. 

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