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Continue to deliver the normal planned curriculum, whether you're in school or teaching remotely, with our mix of high-quality print and digital resources.  

Aligned to the National Curriculum and the EEF guidelines, our flexible resources make it easy for you to continue to teach using the same resources you would use in the classroom during periods of remote learning.

To save time on digital set up, and give you more time to focus on teaching, all our digital products use a single sign-on service.  This means once your pupils have been set up for one resource they will appear on all of our resources! 


Cracking Comprehension


Rising Stars Reading Planet Online Library

  Rising Stars Question Bank

Allocate self-marking comprehension quizzes to pupils wherever they’re working and measure progress with online reporting. 

Print and Digital Resources


Deliver whole-class reading using online eBook versions of Reading Planet books with accompanying interactive quizzes and downloadable teaching notes.

Digital Resource


Whether you're looking to introduce a topic, round-up a lesson or set homework for your class, Question Bank has you covered.

Digital Resource


✅ Demonstrate step-by-step methods for answering comprehension questions with online whiteboard software.

✅ Low-stakes self marking quizzes for pupils to practice new skills and get immediate feedback.

✅ Measure progress no matter where pupils are working with instant online reports.



✅ Share and allocate a range of levelled eBooks including topic-linked fiction and non-fiction and fully-decodable phonics. 

✅ Check understanding and keep pupils motivated as you read using the interactive quizzes for each eBook.

✅ Support struggling readers and EAL pupils using the synchronised audio (Reception-KS1 only) to read the eBooks aloud.

✅ Discuss eBooks together using the teacher mark-up tools to highlight key vocabulary, zoom in and make annotations.




✅ Instant teacher access to online bank of over 8,000 questions.

✅ Download bespoke quizzes to send to pupils to complete.

✅ Display timed quizzes on a whiteboard or share on a screen for a whole class activity.

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Rising Stars Mathematics


Achieve SATs Success Rising Stars


Rising Stars Read in to Writing

Continue maths mastery whether you're in the classroom or teaching remotely with a fun, flexible, print and digital scheme.

Print and Digital Resources


Allocate 4-step animations and self-marking quizzes to pupils anywhere, anytime helping them grasp new skills and concepts, and measure progress. 

Digital Resource


Achieve greater depth in reading and writing with a new whole-book teaching series for Reception to Year 6. 

Print and Digital Resources 


✅ Allocate Pupil eTextbooks to children wherever they're learning, giving them activities and topics to work through.

✅ Free Online Times Tables Tool to help pupils become proficient in their Times Tables from home or school.

✅Send pupils fun and informative animations to help them grasp new skills. 



✅ Enable pupils to grasp new concepts and topics by allocating them fun 4-step animations to watch at home.

✅ Allocate self marking quizzes to pupils so that they can practise new skills and knowledge. 

✅ Measure progress from outside of the classroom with instant online reports.

NEW! - Now access Revision Guides anywhere, anytime with our new Acheive Revision eBooks 




✅ Download a range of editable resources for pupils to complete at home including ready-made worksheets.

✅ Share fun and engaging imagery from teaching slides to help pupils understand the story.

✅ Enable pupils to complete work in a way that suits them, either on their digital device or printed for pen-to-paper.



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