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Continue to support pupils’ wellbeing and special educational needs with online tools which include suggested interventions to be used by teachers in school and for parents/carers to try at home.

Teacher handbooks come with ready-made wellbeing lesson plans, downloadable worksheets and printable records of achievement.



Online tool to help identify learning and behavioural difficulties, and suggest interventions to be used by teachers in school and by parents at home.

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Quickly assess KS2 pupils' wellbeing with an online survey and provide follow-up support with evidence-based strategies.

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3-step solution to help you assess reading and maths understanding, identify knowledge gaps and deliver targeted intervention activities.

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✅ Online questionnaires can be completed by teachers anywhere.

✅ Suggested strategies to use in school and at home.

✅ Home Reports to give parents information about their child's strengths and weaknesses.



✅ Online pupil survey can be completed anywhere.

✅ Instant online reports available.

✅ Printable information sheet for parents.



✅ Measure termly performance from Years 1 to 6 with standardised assessments.

✅ Identify gaps in pupil understanding with Individual and Group reports.

✅ Access targeted  learning sequences for individual pupils and groups.




Help children to understand how they learn and develop skills, such as independence and reilience, to ensure they can continue their learning wherever they are.

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Recognise the importance of resilience, teamwork and problem solving in class or during online lessons with printable activities.

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Ready-made activities to embed the importance of having a growth mindset when tackling new challenges at schol and outside the classroom.

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✅ Teacher handbook with downloadable worksheets and templates.

✅ Printable pupil self-evaluation form.

✅ Demonstration videos available.



✅ Printable badges and record of achievement for each child.

✅ 70+ downloadable worksheets, templates and images.

✅ Teacher handbook with ready-made lesson plans and assembly ideas.



✅ Teacher handbook with ready-made lesson plans to be used in class or over a video call.

✅ Downloadable activities.

✅ Videos demonstrating the impact of growth mindset.



Wellbeing resources to help pupils' overcome new challenges

FREE resources to help pupils develop the skills they need to overcome any challenges they may face in their learning, as well as outside the classroom.

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Activities to help spread happiness at home

At the moment it's more important than ever to continue to spread happiness and positivity with those around us and to look after our mental health.

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