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Help pupils to continue their independent learning outside of classroom activities with a mix of print and digital resources - perfect for assigning to individual pupils or larger groups during whole bubble closures.


Rising Stars Reading Planet Online Library

  Rising Stars Reading Planet   Achieve SATs Revision Rising Stars

Keep children reading through interactive eBook versions of Reading Planet books that can be accessed anywhere, on any device.

Digital resource


Support independent reading accross your whole school with an up-to-date scheme for Reception to Year 6.

Print Resource


Get pupils learning new skills with a unique flowchart approach, suitable for use with very little teacher or parent intervention. 

Print Resource


✅ Easily allocate levelled eBooks (including fully-decodable phonics books) for children to read away from the classroom.

✅ Check pupil progress and understanding through self-marking pupil quizzes for each eBook, linked to key reading skills areas.

✅  Monitor individual reading engagement and identify gaps and weaknesses in the Reporting Tool.   




✅ Meet or exceed age-related expectations in reading with carefully levelled books written for the current curriculum. 

✅ Keep children hooked on reading with modern stories, characters and themes that truly reflect their world.

✅  Support parents/carers with home reading through fun and accessible quizzes and activities featured in every book.

✅  Improve and track comprehension and vocabulary skills using the photocipiable pupil worksheets for each book.



✅ Enable pupils to learn new concepts and skills with a step-by-step flowchart approach to covering topics in the Revision Books. 

✅ Pupils can practice and cement new skills and knowledge with matching Question Workbooks, enabling them to become proficient in new skills. 

✅ Measure progress and identify any gaps where pupils may need extra help with SATs style practice papers, suitable for use at home and school. 

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Achieve SATs Success Rising Stars


Help pupils to keep learning, wherever they are with 4-step annimations and self-marking quizzes. 

Digital Resource






✅ Allocate fun 4-step animations to pupils at home, taking them through new concepts and skills. 

✅ Allocate self-marking quizzes to pupils so that they can try ot their new knowledge and gain instant feed back on what they've learned. 

✅ Measure progress at an individual and class level with easy-to-use online reporting.

NEW! - Now access Revision Guides anywhere, anytime with our new Acheive Revision eBooks





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Guide to help pupils read at home

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