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5.4 We are web developers

In this unit, the pupils work together to create a website explaining e-safety and responsible online behaviour.

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5.5 We are bloggers

Blogging provides a worldwide audience for pupils’ work. Commenting on others’ work extends pupils’ sense of membership of a learning community beyond school. In this unit, pupils create a media-rich blog, comment on blogs and respond to comments.

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5.6 We are architects

In this unit, the pupils research examples of art gallery architecture, before using Trimble SketchUp to create their own virtual gallery. Finally, they use the gallery to exhibit their own artwork.

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6.1 We are app planners

The Year 6 units form a sequence, beginning with this one in which the pupils learn about the capabilities of smartphones, think of a problem that a smartphone or tablet app could solve, and then pitch the idea for their app.

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6.2 We are project managers

This is the second in a sequence of six Year 6 units in which pupils work collaboratively to develop a smartphone or tablet app. Pupils apply computational thinking to the task of managing a complex project.

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6.3 We are market researchers

The pupils conduct research into the potential market for their app, using an online survey together with interviews or focus groups. They analyse the data and information they obtain and create a presentation summarising their findings.

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6.4 We are interface designers

In this unit, the children will start to design the look/ feel of their app’s interface. They begin by sketching ideas, planning the different screen layouts for their app and developing these using a wireframing tool.

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6.5 We are app developers

In this unit, the pupils draw on their work from the previous Year 6 units to create a working app. They write down their algorithms, and use a programming toolkit to code them.

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6.6 We are marketers

The pupils work collaboratively to produce marketing materials for the app they have been developing in the Year 6 units. They create a poster or flyer, develop a simple website, and shoot a short video.

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1.1 We are treasure hunters

In this unit, the children will program a toy to move around a map to find buried treasure. They will start by thinking of algorithms for their routes, then input these as stored.

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