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Introducing Switched on Minecraft!

Played by over 100 million users worldwide and loved by children across the UK, Minecraft provides teachers with an open-ended educational tool that can be used to engage children and enhance learning across all subjects.

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Rising Stars launches Switched on Minecraft

Engage all children with Minecraft-based cross-curricular activities!

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Twitter takeover! #ASKMBERRY

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E-safety competition - we visit the winning school!

Back in the summer term, the Switched on Computing team ran an e-safety competition to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology. We sent out a free e-safety poster to all schools, challenging children to design their own e-safety poster! The brief was clear – it needed to be colourful and eye-catching with a strong e-safety message.

After much consideration, the judging panel (including HES and Switched on Computing author Miles Berry), announced Alex from Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary School in Castleford as the winner! They were really impressed with the creative design, attention to detail and the positive e-safety message. As a prize, the poster was recreated by one of our top designers and professionally printed.

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Computer programmers - watch out!

We love to hear how schools are using Switched on Computing in the classroom - many thanks to Ian Rokey for this guest blog post on how he used Units 1.1 and 1.2 in his school.

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Computer Programmers Watch Out!

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Free Progression Framework for computing now published!

Rising Stars has worked with the author of Switched on Computing, Miles Berry, to produce a rigorous Progression Framework which helps teachers cover the requirements of the new computing curriculum and ensure children are on track to meet end-of-key-stage expectations. 

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E-safety competition - the winner!

Last term, the Switched on Computing team challenged primary school children up and down the country to design their own e-safety poster. There was a fantastic response with over 800 entries. We received a huge variety of designs and e-safety messages and we would like to congratulate everyone who entered! 

It was a difficult decision to make, but we are delighted to announce that the winner is...

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E-safety – it’s a whole-school issue!

Across schools, E-safety is a real concern affecting day-to-work work.  Issues with 18 rated games and social networks are at the forefront of comments emanating from conversations had with Head Teachers, computing leaders and teaching staff.  Tackling these issues in an informed manner is of the utmost importance. 

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The new Ofsted framework - inspecting safeguarding

The computing programme of study and Ofsted produce clear guidance outlining what they expect from schools in terms of e-safety provision. We have put together a quick overview of their objectives and expectations.

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