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Challenge Corner!

Taken from Issue 14 of G&T Now! eNewsletter is this term's tricky challenge!

Tackle these Tongue Twisters!

A big black bug bit a big black bear, made the big black bear bleed blood.

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

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Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders Read more »

'Highly engaging and motivating' - new case study for Switched on Science

Walton le Dale Primary School have been using Switched on Science for the last few months - read what they had to say about it!

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Switched on Science lesson plan

Switched on Science lesson plan Switched on Science is an exciting new resource for the new primary science curriculum. One of the authors, Rosemary Feasey, has put together this suggested lesson plan to use in the classroom! 

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Primary Assessment Consultation Outcomes - view from the classroom

It’s always amazing how one department can have such contrasting views on matters. Days after the primary assessment & accountability consultation closed - all the way back in October – Michael Gove was making comparisons between rising GCSE outcomes and Soviet economics ministers massaging the figures. He spoke about ministers “lying” to children about increases in grades awarded. With “comparable outcomes” rules, the department made clear that standards are not expected to rise at all at GCSE level except in exceptional circumstances.

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March Maths Challenge

In the National Curriculum children are supposed to work with multiples and factors from Year 4. However, multiples and factors are important elements of multiplication and division, so there is no reason why these words can’t be introduced to the children in earlier years. Activities like the one below, which is designed for children in Year 5, are helpful ways to practice multiplication and division facts for the tables that you are focussing on with your class. You simply need to use different labels and numbers!

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NAHT Commission on Assessment report now out

An introduction by Lord Stewart Sutherland from the report from the NAHT Commission on Assessment which has very recently been published.


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Info Active – Looks like an amazing Data Infographic Mashup Thing

Info Active – Looks like an amazing Data Infographic Mashup Thing Read more »

Denise Hart - a new Rising Star!

We are delighted to confirm that Denise Hart has joined Rising Stars as Operations Director.

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