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A brand new approach to inspiring reluctant readers - New Star Soccer G-Story

This week Hachette UK launched a new and innovative approach to story-telling, helping inspire reluctant readers with the launch of New Star Soccer G-Story: a book and a mobile game.

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Exciting new literacy development research from Coventry University

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Coventry University in the development of our exciting new infant reading programme Rising Stars Reading Planet.  Read more »

Introducing Reading Planet!

The exciting new reading programme for Reception and Key Stage 1 Rising Stars Reading Planet launches this month! Read more »

How to get your children hooked on Shakespeare!

The more time passes, the older Shakespeare gets, and the more ancient and inaccessible his language becomes. So how to engage children and hook them in – especially given the move in education to introduce Shakespeare at a younger age?
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