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Identify and ensure progress for your more able pupils in English, maths and science

Rising Stars Progression Frameworks for Teaching the More Able helps you to identify those children exceeding expectations in order to ensure that they continue to progress. Download yours for free in our 'free stuff' area.

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Only half of parents aware of new maths curriculum

Did any of you spot the Press Association article published via the Mail website on 27 October, about survey results which highlighted the lack of confidence many parents have supporting their children with maths? If not, here’s a little recap. 

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Ofsted requirements - what you need to know

Ofsted have released a new document advising schools of their requirements. It looks to dispel common myths and highlights activities which are not required by Ofsted. 

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Parents' Guide to the New National Curriculum

Deputy Head Michael Tidd has written this comprehensive guide to the new National Curriculum just for parents.              


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How Purple Mash can complement the Switched on Computing Scheme

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September Maths Challenge

The aims of the National Curriculum are to develop fluency and the ability to reason mathematically and solve problems. Reasoning impacts on both of these aims and improves fluency, and therefore this month's maths challenge uses reasoning in puzzles.


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Need-to-know content for Year 5 in the new curriculum

This page outlines some of the key elements of the new curriculum which are intended to be taught in Years 3 or 4, and which therefore do not appear in the new upper Key Stage 2 curriculum. 

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Aiming high – the new National Curriculum

Schools are expected to begin implementing the national curriculum this term and in this article we explore the aims of the introduction to the national curriculum for mathematics.

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Assessing pupil progress against the new National Curriculum

From September 2014 each primary school will need to have in place a system for assessing pupil progress against the new National Curriculum. To help schools do this, we have produced a 'Rising Stars Assessment Progression Framework for English, mathematics and science'.

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Challenge Corner!

Taken from Issue 14 of G&T Now! eNewsletter is this term's tricky challenge!

Tackle these Tongue Twisters!

A big black bug bit a big black bear, made the big black bear bleed blood.

The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick.

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