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The key ingredients for a safer internet

Take a look at some of the fantastic entries to our Safer Internet Day competition.

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February Maths Challenge: abundant numbers & perfect numbers

Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are at the heart of the new National Curriculum.

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How to make sure your school is eSafe?

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Getting your Year 5 pupils ready for the New National Tests for English in May 2016 with a new FREE

To give your teachers and your pupils the best chance in the new National Tests it is very important to start preparing them now. To help you we have put together a FREE Year 5 English National Test Survival Pack.

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January Maths Challenge

In last month’s challenge we explored some ideas involving algebra for EYFS and KS1. In this month’s challenge we will explore some activities for KS2.

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QuickStart computing – your free guide!

QuickStart Computing is a FREE CPD toolkit to help teachers plan, teach and assess the new computing curriculum. QuickStart Computing helps teachers develop and run CPD and training sessions in your school and cluster to help all teachers with this brand new subject.

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Multiplicative reasoning

In November we considered the progression through multiplication and division. This month we will explore the idea of multiplicative reasoning which enables children to develop a deeper understanding of multiplicative structures such as fractions.

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Developing conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in maths: Multiplication

Last month we focussed on developing conceptual understanding and procedural fluency in addition and subtraction through the effective use of manipulatives. This article explores using multiplication to achieve this.

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November Maths Challenge

The new National Curriculum wants children to apply their mathematics to a variety of routine and non-routine problems with increasing sophistication. This month we give you some ideas of non-routine problems that also involves reasoning and tangrams.

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Your Year 5 children - getting them ready for the New National Tests for Maths in May 2016 with a ne

The current Year 5s will be the first cohort to be subjected to the new National Tests in English and maths so we have put together a FREE 'National Test Survival Pack'.


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