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Approaches to fractions and equivalence

In this month's maths article from Caroline Clissold, we'll be looking at fractions and in particular approaching equivalence. 

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Working Memory and Classroom Learning

Working memory refers to our ability to store and process information. We use it all day, every day, as it provides us with important processes for reasoning and comprehension and so is particularly important for children’s learning. 

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Why the Hodder Reception Baseline Assessment was ideal for Woodstock Primary

In this short video we visit Woodstock C of E Primary School, to talk to Assistant Headteacher Anne Hipwell about how the Hodder Reception Baseline Assessment supports her and her students.

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Teacher-led commission announced

The government has announced that a teacher-led commission is to be established to enable primary schools to move away from the levels system of assessment.

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Have you secured your Reception Baseline Assessment yet?

From 2016, the Reception Baseline Assessment will be the only measure the Department for Education will use to assess the progress of children who enter your school in reception. 

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The key ingredients for a safer internet

Take a look at some of the fantastic entries to our Safer Internet Day competition.

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February Maths Challenge: abundant numbers & perfect numbers

Fluency, reasoning and problem solving are at the heart of the new National Curriculum.

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How to make sure your school is eSafe?

How to make sure your school is eSafe? Read more »

‘They love the competitive element’ Woodlands Primary Academy, a case study from Wordblaze

Hear from Woodlands Primary Academy about how they got on with the new WordBlaze spelling and reading programme for Key Stage 2.

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Getting your Year 5 pupils ready for the New National Tests for English in May 2016 with a new FREE

To give your teachers and your pupils the best chance in the new National Tests it is very important to start preparing them now. To help you we have put together a FREE Year 5 English National Test Survival Pack.

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