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Nasen Live 2015: Only a few days to go!

We are delighted to be attending this year's Nasen Live show on the 20th and 21st May at the Macron Stadium, Bolton. This year's show focuses on “9 months into reform – early indicators of impact and planning for the year ahead”. 

Find out more about our New Curriculum resources and pick up your FREE sample of one of our new series WordBlaze at Stand H3.

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J2 launch dot com Computing dot easy

Thanks to James Green, Head of Educational Development at Just2easy for this blog post about the launch of Switched on Computing within the Just2easy toolsuite!

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May Maths Challenge: Teaching Fractions for Mastery

Thank you to Caroline Clissold for this month's maths challenge. This month Caroline is looking at teaching mastery within fractions. 

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Teaching Evolution at Key Stage 2

The teaching of evolution at Key Stage 2 is a much talked about topic amongst the teaching profession. Apart from the cultural and religious perspective of many families, it is a topic that is also appears at first simple but is actually quite complex and open to misinterpretation. This blog post attempts to help teachers tackle this difficult topic in the new science curriculum!

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Is the new written arithmetic paper in the National Tests on your radar?

A good deal of focus on the new curriculum and its assessment arrangements over the past months has been on the higher expectations in maths and grammar.

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Your March Fractions Challenge

Following on from the article on fractions, here are some ideas for exploring equivalence.


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An update on our exciting collaboration with Classroom Monitor!

We are delighted 7,000 of you have already downloaded the Rising Stars Progression Frameworks. At Rising Stars we are dedicated to supporting schools through this time of unprecedented change and hope these whole-school frameworks are making life free from levels that little bit easier.

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Approaches to fractions and equivalence

In this month's maths article from Caroline Clissold, we'll be looking at fractions and in particular approaching equivalence. 

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Working Memory and Classroom Learning

Working memory refers to our ability to store and process information. We use it all day, every day, as it provides us with important processes for reasoning and comprehension and so is particularly important for children’s learning. 

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Why the Hodder Reception Baseline Assessment was ideal for Woodstock Primary

In this short video we visit Woodstock C of E Primary School, to talk to Assistant Headteacher Anne Hipwell about how the Hodder Reception Baseline Assessment supports her and her students.

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