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Anti-bullying week: 12th - 16th November

Next week is Anti-bullying week. We know it's important to make sure your child feels happy and safe at school and online at home so we've compiled some helpful resources to help you ensure your child's online safety.

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Do boys learn differently to girls?

Up and down the country in 1000’s of schools there are improvement plans with some variation of the phrase ‘raise boys’ achievement.’  For most schools this is a yearly target because year on year the difference between boys’ and girls’ attainment either continues to grow or remains stagnant.  Very rarely does this gap close.

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10 texts to spark a lifelong love of reading

Author of our English for the More Able series, Vicky Burrill, picks out 10 books to engage and inspire your students.

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Keldmarsh Primary School wins £1000 of Rising Stars resources!

We are delighted to announce that Keldmarsh Primary School has won £1000 of Rising Stars resources! 

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How will the general election affect primary education?

With the general election just a few weeks away, key issues for education such as the curriculum, pupil funding and end-of-year assessment have featured in many political debates. While the majority of political parties agree that education budgets should be protected, many have conflicting opinions regarding free schools, Ofsted and sex education (to name a few).

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Working Memory and Classroom Learning

Working memory refers to our ability to store and process information. We use it all day, every day, as it provides us with important processes for reasoning and comprehension and so is particularly important for children’s learning. 

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NEW Learn to Code books have now published!

Switched on Computing: Learn to Code is an exciting new addition to the Switched on family. 

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New Key Stage 2 tests from 2016

Following its release of consultation outcomes last week, the DfE has now released its test specifications for the new National Curriculum tests. Michael Tidd, a middle school teacher from West Sussex, outlines the proposals for the new Key Stage 2 tests from Summer 2016.

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