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Encourage children to give feedback in class to support their learning

If children are taught how to give feedback on their learning, it means that teachers can be better equipped to help them make greater progress. Use this lesson plan to encourage children to reflect on what they say  about their learning and how this can help the teacher to support them.

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Celebrating love in all its forms this Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating love in all its forms! Why not use this year as an opportunity to discuss different family structures and relationships. Provide your child with a helpful framework and the vocabulary they need to be able to discuss different kinds of relationships and love. Here are our tips to celebrating all kinds of love this Valentine’s Day.

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Keeping Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation Practical and Fun

Does your class groan and moan when it’s time for grammar, spelling and punctuation work?
Grammar doesn’t have to be boring or completed sat at a table with a piece of paper and pencil. Try some of the ideas below to get kids moving around and having fun as they learn about grammar, spelling and punctuation.  

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5 Key Principles for Engaging Parents with Online Safety

Parental engagement is fundamental to the success of safeguarding children online. In honour of Safer Internet Day 2019we've put together a blog post containing tips and resources to help you engage parents with online safety.

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New Ofsted Draft Inspection Framework

Last week, Ofsted announced their new draft inspection framework for 2019. Read our helpful summary of the inspection framework and find out how Rising Stars can help you meet the standards of it.

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Countdown to Christmas with Rising Stars

We've got 12 festive freebies to give away this December. Visit the Festive Freebies webpage each day to discover discounts, free classroom activities and a few special surprises!

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Top Tips for Writing & Grammar Intervention

Catherine Casey, co-author of On Track English: Writing and Grammar, take us through her top tips for writing and grammar intervention. Read more »

The effects of age, gender and school type of primary maths and reading attainment

RS Assessment from Hodder Education have worked with SchoolDash to provide a high-level analysis of over 1.5 million anonymous termly standardised test results from the MARK database.

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Top Tips for Teaching Comprehension

Dee Reid, author of On Track English: Reading Comprehension, take us through her top tips for teaching reading comprehension and encouraging a love of reading in children. Read more »

Blubber Away!

Enjoy this free practical science lesson with your class and show them how animals have adapted to their environment.

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