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Rising Stars Summer Reading Challenge Launch!

We're super excited to tell you all about the launch of the Rising Stars Summer Reading Challenge!

In this blog we'll tell you all about how you and your child can get involved and be in with a chance of winning a £60 Go Ape voucher. We'll also take a look at why and how you should be encouraging your child to read for pleasure.

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#SummerOutdoors - the DfE Summer Holiday Initiative

On Friday Education Secretary, Damian Hinds launched the #SummerOutdoors campaign encouraging children and families to explore the outdoors during the holidays. This kicked off this morning with this tweet from the DfE offering 5 great suggestions for enjoying the outdoors this week.

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Department of Education School Sport and Activity Plan

The Department of Education has released their School Sport and Activity Action Plan, detailing the importance of children leading full, healthy and active lives from an early age and the positive effects that this can have on children’s mental health. 

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How to help your child prepare for spelling tests…

Catherine Casey gives her top fun tips for parents in supporting their children with spelling. Read more »

50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Moon Landing: Space-themed Lesson Ideas

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and the first man to walk on the Moon. To help celebrate this, we’ve put together some space-themed lesson ideas and accompanying videos from our sister publisher Franklin Watts and Wayland’s space range for you to share with your pupils. Scroll down to browse and download.

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Education Secretary Damian Hinds addresses the NSPCC conference about online safety

Last week Education secretary Damian Hinds gave a speech at the NSPCC about teaching Online safety in schools. The speech marked the launch of new guidance teaching online safety in schools.

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Thoughts on the 2019 SATs - Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling

The KS2 2019 grammar, punctuation and spelling test was once again viewed positively by teachers and pupils. When I asked a group of year 6 pupils what they thought of the test immediately afterwards, they said, ‘…it was easy Ms Mayers.’ Of course, we do not know how they performed but at least they felt it was accessible.

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Summer maths quizzes from Assessment Bank

Inspired by the warm weather over the weekend we have created some summer themed quizzes to use with your class, including questions about ice creams, beaches and holidays to get your pupils in the summer spirit.

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Thoughts on the 2019 SATs - Mathematics

Each year many of us (hopefully not just me!) wait in anticipation of the latest national test for Year 6 pupils to see how it compares to previous years. And despite the 2019 Key Stage 2 Test being the fourth set of papers aligned with the ‘new’ mathematics curriculum, we are still keen to drill down, dissect and find out exactly what our Year 6 pupils across the country are being tested on.  

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Thoughts on the 2019 SATS - Reading

This time last year, we ‘celebrated’ the return of poetry in the 2018 KS2 Reading Test. So, what are the headlines of the 2019 KS2 Reading Test? Were there any surprises? After 4 years of this suite of tests are we still surprised by the ingredients or have we identified enough patterns and trends? Do we get excited by expecting the unexpected? 

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