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Football Freebie!

It's the start of the World Cup! Could this be England's year? You might not be getting your hopes up but the team should at least get to their matches on time, unlike Tess in this latest Comet Street Kids free eBook. 

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Thoughts on the 2018 SATs - Mathematics

The dissection (and opinions!) of the 2018 mathematics papers have begun. This blog provides an analysis of the key themes across all three papers.


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Top 10 Points for Outstanding Primary History Teaching

Bev Forest, a primary education expert specialising in history, shares some of the features she's seen on her school visits which she feels most contribute to an effective learning experience for pupils and support you in developing your history teaching from good to outstanding.

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Ofsted’s Bold Beginnings Report and Rising Stars Mathematics in the Early Years

In this blog, Jane Winter, author of Rising Stars Mathematics in the Early Years, takes on Ofsted's Bold Beginnings report point by point and pulls out the key takeaways for Mathematical teaching in early years. 

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7 Top Tips for Introducing Metacognition into your Primary School

The EEF has published its latest guidance report, designed to support teachers in changing their classroom practice to improve their pupils’ metacognitive skills. Read their 7 key recommendations for introducing metacognition into the primary classroom. Read more »

Maths SATs Humour to Brighten Up Your Week

6 humorous questions that you won't see in this year's KS2 Maths SATs... Read more »

Closing the disadvantaged gap in maths for good

The gap between the attainment of disadvantaged children and all children may be narrowing but remains a concern. How can that gap be closed more rapidly and for good?

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Mental Health Awareness Week

It's #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek so we've got some free lessons for you on perserverance and overcoming challenges. 

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A Bloody Investigation!

In this blog post Sue Evans, science coordinator at Phoenix Primary, explains how she had fun teaching her class about what's in our blood through a fun practical lesson. 

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It's Teacher Appreciation Day!

It's National Teacher Appreication Day and we want to say THANK YOU! This also got us thinking about why apples are traditionally associated with teachers and given as gifts of appreciation. Have a read to find out why!

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