New GAPS edition coming September 2024

New GAPS is an updated edition of our termly GAPS assessments, reliably benchmark performance and track progress against national averages in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Based on feedback from teachers like you, we’ve updated the papers so that they reflect today’s teaching practice. To allow for comparisons against current national averages, we’re also fully re-standardising the tests on thousands of pupils in 2023/2024.

What's new?

  • Standardised in 2023/2024 on over 7,000 pupils.

  • Test outcomes split to provide separate GPV Age (grammar, punctuation and vocabulary) and Spelling Age, allowing a truer representation if pupils are stronger in one area.

  • Papers work carefully alongside the National Test Framework, meaning that results reflect the curriculum pupils are being taught.

  • Question phrasing, types and coverage updated to match National Tests:

    • Additional marks added to KS2 summer papers, allowing pupils the Autumn and Spring terms to build stamina and a National-Test length paper in Summer.

    • A practice question at the beginning of each section in Years 1 and 2, reflecting KS1 National Tests and allowing pupils to familiarise themselves with the process before starting.

    • Revised ordering in KS1, with spelling before grammar, allowing teachers to lead the teacher-scripted spelling questions before pupils then complete the grammar section at their own pace.

What's staying?

  • All the same test outcomes and features that the current GAPS provides, with the addition of GPV Age!

  • New GAPS assessments will be available in both print and digital format.

  • Free reporting and gap analysis still enables you to share results with key stakeholders and inform targeted teaching. 

  • Mark Schemes, Test Guidance and Assessment Maps will all be updated and free to download.

  • New GAPS will continue to work alongside Shine GPS, providing targeted interventions for grammar, punctuation and spelling based on New GAPS diagnostics. 

Take a sneak peek inside:

sample page shows grammar and spelling assessments


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