SATs results day – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 2019

We asked Shareen Wilkinson to share her thoughts on the 2019 KS2 grammar test results released this week.

Raw scores at a glance…

National attainment at a glance…

High score attainment at a glance…

The expected standard national KS2 results remained the same this year at 78%. However, the high score increased from 34% in 2018 to 36% in 2019. The results also show that there is a 6% increase in attainment within the last 4 years (72% in 2016 and 78% in 2019).
Most pupils informed me that they felt the KS2 grammar test was fair, with some pupils commenting that it was ‘easy.’ However, there were some very tricky questions, particularly at the end of the paper, where pupils had to identify the wider range of prepositions (e.g. after, with and across) and the wider range of determiners (e.g. any, the and some). Fewer than 30% of pupils were able to identify all three prepositions or determiners. Interestingly, most pupils got to the end of the paper, with 95% of pupils attempting to the final question. The least attempted question was this one:

Although 44.6% of pupils answered this correctly (expanded noun phrase), just 85.7% attempted the question.
The best performing question was focussed on an understanding of suffixes with some review from key stage 1.

93.7% of pupils answered this correctly and 100% of pupils attempted the question.
Well done to all the pupils and teachers who worked so hard this year!
Written by Shareen Wilkinson (née Mayers)
Twitter: @ShareenAdvice

Independent English/assessment adviser and KS1 and KS2 moderation manager for a London LA.
Shareen is the author of the Rising Stars KS2 Spelling Test books as well as many other educational books for teachers and pupils. Shareen co-authored the new Rising Stars Achieve SATs Success books.  Look out for her detailed analysis of the 2019 grammar test when the 2019 implications for teaching documents are published later this year



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