5 ways Assessment Bank can reduce teacher workload

In the recent workload report, the DfE highlighted the importance of reducing unnecessary tasks so more time can be spent focusing on teaching. We appreciate how busy teachers are, so we have created Assessment Bank to save your hours of time creating bespoke tests tailored to the specific needs of your class.

With instant access to a bank of thousands of new curriculum questions, past National Test questions and ready-made tests, Assessment Bank makes creating and sharing tests with your colleagues easier than ever.  

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1. Search thousands of questions for Years 1 to 6 in one place

“Teachers have found Assessment Bank invaluable, as they do not have to search through several resources to find questions.” – Yew Tree Community School 

Assessment Bank has over 7,500 reading, maths, science and grammar punctuation and spelling questions for Years 1 to 6 all in one place.  Quickly filter questions by subject, year group, topic or skill to create bespoke tests and quizzes for your class. You can also search by Rising Stars Progression Framework to find questions to address the gaps you have already identified in your other assessments.

2. Print and edit past SATs papers and ready-made tests

“Importantly, in these days of workload, someone else has done all the work of writing for and matching to the new curriculum.” – Edgewood Primary School
Gain instant access to past questions from the 2016 & 2017 National Tests and over 120 ready-made tests created by assessment experts.  All tests in Assessment Bank are fully editable so you can add, remove or re-arrange the order of the test questions to tailor assessments to the specific needs of your class.

3. Let Assessment Bank do all the formatting for you

“Assessment Bank is a time saver for a busy teacher! With our old test builder, I would spend ages changing the size of the images and getting the questions to fit.” – St John’s Catholic School

Say goodbye to the hours spent cutting, pasting and re-formatting questions to create professional looking tests. In Assessment Bank you simply need to select the questions you want and then let Assessment Bank do all the formatting for you. Questions will always appear on an appropriate number of pages with room for children to show their working out, and corresponding mark schemes will be automatically generated to match your test, regardless of how many times you re-order the questions.

4. Share tests with your colleagues in a couple of clicks

“Sharing with the rest of the school is incredibly simple too, either as a document or as a web link – one click and you’ve done it.” – John Dabell, Teach Primary
Once you have compiled your questions, choose to save and export your test as either a PDF, Word Document or web link which you can send directly to your colleagues. Additionally, tests can be saved and shared within the ‘My Tests’ area of Assessment Bank, where you will be able to immediately print their tests or create a copy which you can then adapt to meet the specific needs of your class.

5. No training required

“Assessment Bank is very easy to use – the instructions are so simple!” – St Thomas of Canterbury
Assessment Bank is so easy-to-use there is no training required to create your first test.  Simply log on, select and re-order your chosen questions and print your test.
But don’t just take our word for it. Start your 30 day FREE trial today and see just how much time you could save creating bespoke assessments for your class.

Start your Assessment Bank FREE trial today!

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